Available work in contemporary stained glass

Diptych Moderne, Art Glass, 66 in X 30 in

Two near-identical 30 in square designs, Diptych Moderne creates a balanced tension across the open space between the panels. Bound in slender borders of polished brass.

Madrone Wall, Art Glass, 42 in X 27 in

Madrone wall is from Baldwin's 3D period, though showing signs of the planar period that followed. Clearly seen are shadows of leaf forms cast on the stepped background Fischer antique with a border of hammered hardware glass. Bound in a metal frame for hanging.

Vortex 32, Art Glass, 35 in X 35 in

From explorations of Sedona AZ came a number of circular designs Baldwin thought of as vortices, related to the energy sources there. Fischer antique with figured hardware glass. Bound in a slender border of polished brass.

Divided Union, Art Glass, 108 in X 37 in

The design for Divided Union is reminiscent of collage - one design overlaying another and in places ripped away. Can be free hung or framed into a wall. Framed in 2 X 3 wood, painted white.